what are modular houses?

A modular house is a type of house whose constructive system, or part of it is premade in a factory before the work begins on site. This way construction costs are reduced, as well as the impact on the environment - they are usually manufactured with more sustainable materials and processes than a conventional built house, and reduced noise pollution from the work itself.

What are the advantages of a modular house?

Apart from the reduced impact on the environment, the construction in the factory allows to have an own storage space from the beginning of the construction, of all the materials and elements that are going to be part of the construction process in any of the phases of the construction. It is a private space and protected so that there are no problems of deterioration by environmental agents or other elements. It also allows you to forget all the setbacks involved in the distribution of the different materials throughout the different phases of construction. There are no failures or delays in the distribution that cause uncomfortable delays in the execution and delivery times of the work, with periods of construction that grow longer and longer and seem never to end. Furthermore, no time is lost in the assembly of auxiliary resources, nor in the preparation of the plot for months of work. It is not necessary to use time and money to assemble scaffolding, install cranes, protection and safety measures, auxiliary means for workers.

Centralizing all the construction work in the factory implies that it can be in operation up to 18 hours, which allows several work shifts during which the manufacturing does not stop. In addition, the work days are not interrupted by external agents such as inclement weather that delays certain phases of work, local events, such as festivities, neighbors …

The houses are created based on modules which the client has the freedom to build according to their needs, with the only condition that the must be transportable, and, once manufactured, they are assembled on the chosen plot of land. Special transports are used to move surfaces of up to 90 square meters totally finished. When we say the houses are transported finished, it means that they travel and are installed with the countertop of the kitchen island placed, with the lighting installations, the heating system and the floor-to-ceiling shower screen in place, bath tub, even with the mirrors.

The installation of the houses lasts between three and six hours, depending on the size of the house, finally all the connections are joined together and the finishing pieces between the modules, thus the houses can be delivered in about a month from the implantation. As a result, the manufacturing process of the home is established in five months from signing of the contract.