Community centres of the future - Denmark


"Project’s grundrum is based on the cocoon, as the bearer of the metaphor for the proposed challenge, as the harbourer of a transmutation that originates within itself

The essence of the curve, and its innate power to be welcoming despite visual or tactile qualities, is the main element in the representation of this concept.

Space emerges from an immensity of different tensions originated by the closeness of the curves. The concavity/convexity of each one derives from the character of each space. This uniqueness causes all space combinations to always be a whole new discovery of the proposed grundrum, preventing the final outcome from becoming a larger room."



"One of the bases of our proposal lies in the establishment of a dialogue between the volume and the surroundings. The key element is the structuring of landscape. The carving of the vegetation will create an unbreakable link between new and existing volumes. In this manner, their character exert influence upon each other, creating a tissue of architecture’s green elements, thus bringing exterior qualities and their mutation through time into the inner space. The making of this green frame will improve the volume’s quality as a mark at a local scale, by enabling it to distinguish itself from the surroundings. This unique character allows the volume to have a smooth contact with each one of the three presented landscapes. The volume’s connection of a clear separation between interior and exterior. This will enhance the fluidity, the continuum of each intervention."

"The volume’s shell has been conceived as the physical representation of the connection between the interior and the exterior. Through the use of black steel, wood and glass we intended to create a strong sense of unity between the proposed volume and the qualities of all the elements that surround it."