A 93-year-old grand dame of the sea in Mallorca


A 93-year-old grand dame of the sea is visiting Palma de Mallorca - the amazing ship 'Sedov' will reach our main harbour on Monday, July 7, and she will remain here for two days. It is one of the most beautiful and biggest training boats in the world. The vessel is on a course of regular instruction - its main objective is the maritime education among  cadets and the young internships at the  Academy of Murmansk -  State Technical University, Russia.


The ship was launched in 1921 in Germany - her name was Magdalene Vinnen and it was at the time the world’s largest auxiliary barque and exclusively used as a cargo ship. She sailed on her maiden voyage on September 1, 1921. It has carried all sorts of cargo: apart from coal, she took timber from Finland, wheat from Australia, pyrite from Italy and unit load from Belgium.

She came under Russian state ownership after the surrender of Germany — on December 20, 1945, the British handed over the ship to the Soviet Union as war reparation. In the Soviet Union, she was converted into a sail training vessel of the Soviet Navy. She was also used as an oceanographic research ship in the North Atlantic. In 1981, the Sedov reappeared after renovation  -  she was now based at the Baltic Division of Training Ships in Riga. She embarked cadets from schools of navigation of Kaliningrad and Murmansk.

Sedov is an outstanding ship.  Her dimensions are unbelievable. She has 32 sails and her main mast is 58 m high (above waterline). 

She does not have luxury and comfort which can be provided by modern cruise liners. But this fact does not stop devoted friends of “Sedov” from many countries all over the world who have been spending their holidays on its board for many years. You are offered not only sailing holidays to enjoy. You can become a voluntary “full staff” crew member and you will be able to fulfill all the sailor’s duties.

An amazing ship with an amazing history of almost 100 years. If she were able to talk, she could share some interesting tales of her travels across the world. 

Photos source: Sedov official website

Horia Mainescu