New rule for Mallorca residents travel discount

From the 1st September 2012, residents of Mallorca who have bought discounted flight & ferry tickets will be required to show their proof of residence (Padron Certificate) before boarding their flights or boats. Currently, a 50% subsidy is provided by the Government to all residents of the Balearic Islands when they travel between islands and to mainland Spain. The government has announced this stricter rule in an attempt to combat fraud and to save over €40 million from the Ministry of Development budget.

The Padron certificate is a document that all residents of Mallorca can apply for at their town hall. It is a legal requirement to register, and is a simple process. The certificate entitles the holder to certain social benefits, potential tax reductions, voting rights, and the 50% reduction in air fares and ferry tickets between Mallorca & the other Balearic islands, and the Spanish mainland.

This new requirement was supposed to be brought in during July, but has been pushed back to September after concerns that the busy summer period will make it difficult for airlines to adjust their procedures in time. It also allows time for individuals to apply for their Padron Certificate at their local Town Hall.

Source: seemallorca

Horia Mainescu