Vita Lamps at Signature Estate


We spotted this gorgeous collection of DIY flat-pack lamps by the Danish company Vita during last year’s Light+ Building Fair in Frankfurt. Interchangeable “petals” made from polypropylene, polycarbonate and even goose feathers are easily assembled around illuminated frames, creating soft glowing lamps that mimic the overlapping scales and natural forms of artichokes and pine cones.

Each lamp is delivered in a beautifully designed flat packaging and Vita promises that you can transform these parts into a lamp in just 10 to 20 minutes. 


There are no fasteners and no adhesives holding the lamp together. The most wonderful thing about the assembly is that you can take it apart or modify it with another set of coloured, patterned, or even differently shaped petals. As an alternative to the classic white sets, Vita has released many accessory sets to update your lamp with black, gold or even yellow petals.

We can hardly wait to  integrate them in a future project. In the meantime, if you should be in the search of a similar light fitting, drop us an email and stop by - maybe there is a VITA waiting for you !

Horia Mainescu