Signature Group in Bellevue Magazine.

It's always a good thing when the name Signature Group get associated with Mallorca when it comes to custom luxury home development and project management. Recently we have been featured in one of Europe's leading real estate magazine, with Thomas Midzielski giving an interview about how we do things differently and the importance that Signature Group gives to client - developer relationship.

Link to the interview in Bellevue magazine here.

Below you will find the English version of the interview.

"When it comes to the realisation of the personal dream real estate on this dreamlike island, the customer must be able to rely mainly on his partner in the implementation of this project. For the correct choice of the property through the planning up to the construction of the property taking into account the personal preferences and a sensible and honest consultation, an experienced project management is required. Thomas Midzielski has a clear philosophy with his Signature Group: "We attach great importance to quality in home construction and complete transparency towards the customer," says Signature Group’s founder and managing director. Transparency means to be able to communicate to the client the exact status of the project at any desired time. "Our way of working is easy for the customer to understand and follow," explains Midzielski.

For most of its customers, a home construction on Mallorca is a complex and time-consuming project abroad, with all its regional peculiarities. This can lead to uncertainties for the client and the need to have a contact person for all questions concerning the home construction - whether it be the design, the selection of materials or the planning and tendering of the works or building-related questions. Those who are not familiar with Mallorca can experience unpleasant surprises.

Signature Group is as international as its customers and brings many years of expertise to the 25 strong team of architects, designers, graphic designers, project managers and civil engineers. "German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian: We are internationally staffed. The mixture of different mentalities makes us so creative, "says Midzielski. The German himself can refer to his experience as a project developer at many European locations and in international destinations such as Dubai or the USA.

The projects are managed by Signature Group from our headquarters in the industrial area of Son Bugadelles in Santa Ponsa. There, the team is close to most of its customers and suppliers. "80% of construction activity in Mallorca, happens in the south-west of the island. Real estate is the most valuable and coveted, "says Midzielski. In the south-west, Signature Group has already planned and implemented impressive projects with sophisticated new buildings: clean lines with modern building materials and a subtle elegance without showing off in a flashy manner - that is what the buildings of Signature Group represent.

As a special service for its customers from all over the world, Signature Group relies on the latest 3-D technology and virtual reality. This gives the opportunity for customers to start a virtual tour of their future home. Through an online tool, you can also track the progress of the construction work, including work and budget deployment. Experience, efficiency and transparency are the pillars on which the company has successfully managed its demanding international clientele for years. "The best proof of our work is when private customers come back to us after the successful completion of a project to implement another project with us as an investment," says Midzielski. By the way, Signature Group is not only active in Mallorca, but has also successfully managed and implemented building projects across Europe. However, the Group will remain closely linked to its origins and its core business in Mallorca in the future in order to make real estate on the island a reality."

Horia Mainescu