Orkoien civic centre - navarra - spain


The project started with the search to show an organic form based on the organic growing. The olive tree expresses clearly its growing dynamics. The form develops an interior axis, spinning in several different directions leaving a stem of ineffable beauty. Although the axis established by the surroundings and the relationship with the environment also contributed for the concept;s birth, the result is a volume composed by two different bodies which are part pf an organic and dynamic growth, the tree building.

The spiral movement materialises in a set of central ramps which allow the access to all the parts of the building, always in contact with the exterior and the interior spaces contributing to the abscence of physical and visual barriers. This fact allows the unity of the space to be above the individual character of each area. The goal of this large and open space is to gather a whole community where each one can enjoy a quality space. A pleasant and cosy place is proposed connected with the exterior, whose components play a main role for the building integration in the terrain.