The base concept of this design was the creation of a movement, a formal and physical link between the individual and the parachute tower. The movement was born from the wings of a flying bird. In this manner, in the connection it is always also present man's eternal desire to fly...

The volume's organic aspect is also very important because it allows itself to become the connecting element among all the adjacent shapes.

The movement is achieved, or becomes alive, every time the visitor is attracted to go up the automatic stairs to, gradually, be introduced to the parachute tower.

The quantity and quality of light makes the interior feel like outside, maintaining a strong relationship to the boardwalk, to the tower and to the sea.

Although the primary movement in the design is towards the tower, there is a secondary but also a very important one towards the boardwalk - this is shaped through a canopy created by one of the wings, making the relationship to those who cross it more alive.