Advantages of the aerothermal system vs. traditional systems


The energy obtained through the aerothermal system consists, neither more nor less, than in the use of the energy contained in the air that surrounds us. That is, these are heat pumps that heat our home by obtaining energy from an inexhaustible source, the air. And it is that this energy contained in the air that surrounds us is in constant renovation thanks to the solar energy that is received by the earth's crust.

Its operation is very simple: the equipment consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The exterior unit absorbs and recovers the energy contained in the air, even in very severe weather conditions since it has been designed to obtain maximum performance both in winter and summer. Once this energy is absorbed, the outdoor unit compresses it, adds temperature and transfers it to the indoor unit, whose mission is to transfer this energy to the interior climate control circuit of the home.

Therefore, it is a system in which most of the energy is not produced, but rather it is transferred from the external environment to the house, to the interior, allowing savings of up to 75% compared to conventional energy systems.

In addition, the aerothermal system is versatile, allowing us not only to heat the house in winter but also to cool it in summer at the same time that it manages the production system of household warm water.

But this is not all, it is also perfectly compatible with any heating / cooling system that comes to mind. From the invisible underfloor heating to the classic radiators, through the hot / cold air conditioning ducts, the individual splits ... we can even use it to heat the pool!

Undeniable reference in the research and development of this aerothermal system is the DAIKIN brand with its ALTHERMA model. Daikin is positioned in the sector as the first company to obtain the European Ecological Label for its efficiency and respect for the environment. It is well worth a visit to the simulation system of energy savings that arise and in which we can check not only the energy that is saved (we stop consuming it since we get it from the air) but also the decrease in gas / electricity bill and the CO2 that we stop transmitting to the environment.

Summing up… advantages and reasons to choose the Aerothermal System:

  1. Very efficient. The cheapest option in the market.

  2. Zero maintenance. When no combustion occurs and there is no burner, there is no reason whatsoever for a periodic maintenance operation.

  3. Without smoke extraction chimneys. When there is no combustion, no exhaust is necessary.

  4. Silence and security The equipment is 100% silent allowing its location in any part of the house. In addition, as there is no storage tank for fuel such as gas, diesel or biomass, the risk of an accident is zero.

  5. Small space and simple installation. The indoor unit does not occupy more than a traditional wall-mounted boiler and, since it does not require a chimney, it can be located in any cabinet in the house. It also does not need to be connected to any accumulator. It is the most suitable clean air conditioning system for homes or buildings where there is no possibility of placing Geothermal sensors (also highly efficient but with a much more complex installation).

  6. Autonomous supply system. That is, it does not require connection to fuel tanks. Only a minimum power plug.

  7. 400% yield, the highest COP in the market. Of every 4Kw obtained only 1Kw is paid and 3Kw are free since they are obtained from a renewable energy. That's why its performance is so superior to its consumption. And that's why a traditional boiler will never have a performance superior to that of the energy merely generated by itself. Thus, the performance of a Gasoil boiler is 85%, that of a conventional gas boiler 89% and that of a condensing gas boiler 107%.

  8. All-in-one system It offers heating, but also cooling in summer and hot water throughout the year.

  9. Ecological. Climate control system without direct CO2 emissions, collaborating with the environment.

  10. Inverter technology. The pump automatically regulates its operation according to the demand required by the house. They have a wide range of modulation and can work from 8% to 100% of their capacity according to demand, thus avoiding an energy consumption greater than strictly necessary.

    For all these reasons, and for many others, that is why we opted for the installation of aerothermal equipment in all homes. We are concerned about the environment and the efficiency of our homes and that is why we take care of providing them with the best possible installation.

Horia Mainescu