Earthquake and fire resistant modular homes


One of the most common doubts, as far as modular homes are concerned, has to do with resistance to fires and earthquakes. At the time of purchase, and before, this doubt assaults all customers.

Response to fire:

The structure of your house is mixed, it is based on the use of two materials for its construction, concrete and steel, obtaining an excellent result of its union and, therefore, of the optimization of qualities. In the case of steel houses, where concrete is non-existent at the structural level, fire resistance becomes a weak point.

In the process of this mixed structure, we treat the steel with a special paint, called intumescent, isolating it and protecting it against possible fires. Not all systems of steel houses carry this paint, let alone the so-called lightweight frameworks, or those made of wood.

The structural resistance to fire is a basic requirement of the technical building code, and for our part we far exceed the specifications set.

Response to earthquakes:

At the time of calculating the structures of our houses, resistance to earthquakes becomes one of the decisive factors. It is true that seismic activity is not so serious in all the Spanish geography, but our three-dimensional system is very powerful and resistant by itself.

When in transport, our houses, go by truck along hundreds of kilometers without suffering structural damage. This displacement tends to overcome the effect of an earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale. Therefore, your house is already tested against earthquakes before you set foot in it.

In addition, and as a difference from other systems, our houses are anchored with a novel system to the ground, or foundation. This allows the displacement of the modules, and the possible movements produced by the earthquake, the expansions and contractions, without these being damaged. We are talking about a flexible and limited union, which allows these gaps. Far from the big concrete monoliths extremely rigid, and of course, also avoiding displacement due to the creeping effect of the modules.

Horia Mainescu