Christmas Market in the sun

Mallorca Christmas Deco

What images comes to your mind when you think of a Christmas Market ? The smell of mulled wine, vanilla and cinnamon ? Millions of Christmas decorations and the sound of Christmas carols ? Cold ? Snow ?

And what to do if you live on a Mediterranean island and on the 15th of December you have blue sky, sunshine and 18 degrees temperatures ? Well, you still get into the Christmas spirit, put on your shoes (no boots, no fur coat and no gloves) and you go on the Christmas Market to enjoy the wine, the carols, the decor and...the sunshine.

This is how a Christmas Market looks like, when organized in a Mediterranean harbor. We have visited the one in Puerto Portals, which will stay open until the 5th of January. Live music, children workshops, school concerts, Santa Claus, the Three kings Parade...there is something for everyone.

Mallorca Christmas Market - Cosmetics


Malllorca Christmas Market - leather

Mallorca Christmas Market