Completed project in Mallorca - The "Malgrats Seven" Villa

Mallorca, Majorca, villa, interior, design, architecture, seaview, modern, white, minimalist

Building a house is like giving birth to a child. You plan it, you imagine what it will be like once it's out there, you try to find a name that will represent it . There are sleepless nights, countless changes and's there ! And just like a child, it surpasses all your expectations. Not to mention the feeling of pride when people praise it and you think "Hey ! I made this !".

Mallorca, Majorca, modern, architecture, sea view, development, construction, villa, interior, interior design, white

Although the steps of the process (from the drawing idea, to the choosing of materials, breaking ground, structure building, installations, furniture and so on) are always the same, we have discovered that - because no two houses are alike - also the development experience is unique for each project. Different challenges, different issues, different solutions. This is what makes it all so interesting - there is definitely no routine in the life of a developer.

Majorca, Mallorca, architecture, modern, minimalist, white, development, construction, project, terrace, sea view, Malgrats, decor

When we started planning Malgrats Seven we decided that emphasis was going to be on the outside. We wanted to take advantage  of the location and the amazing views over the Malgrats Islands. Large window surfaces, a lot of light and rooms that would look out to the water. There was going to be no compromise as to the quality of materials and the technology inside, but we wanted the house to stand out also in terms of architecture and interior design. To make things short: we wanted an outstanding property !

Mallorca, Majorca, interior, villa, modern, architecture, sea view, white, construction, development

The house has two living levels; the primary living level opens out toward an elevated view and the lower living area flows out to a pool terrace and private garden.The day level is positioned on the top providing privacy, light and commanding views. The home has tall ceilings and open spaces, giving the interior an airy quality, fitting in its seaside location.

Mallorca, Majorca, architecture, modern, villa, house, interior, living room, white, project, development, construction

We have chosen a warm-colored natural stone for the floors, to compensate for the minimalistic white lines of the structure - the result is a sleek, modern house which feels warm and cozy. The same stone was used indoor and outdoor, but with a different finish, with the intention to make the flow between inside and outside as continuous as possible.

Mallorca, Majorca, villa, project, house, development, construction, modern, architecture, bedroom, bed, lounge, Eames, Charles Eames, Eames chair, interior, decor

The surrounding views follow you wherever you are in the house. When you wake up in the morning, you enjoy them through the bedroom windows, straight from your pillow. They follow you when you move to the bathroom, kitchen, living room, terraces...

Mallorca, Majorca, modern, architecture, construction, villa, house, development, project, bathroom, Antonio Lupi, sea view, views, Malgrats

Malgrats, Mallorca, Majorca, architecture, villa, modern, house, construction, development, minimalistic, white, windows, Barcelona bed, day bed, interior, decor, interior decor

Mallorca, Majorca, architecture, Malgrats, modern, villa, house, minimalistic, bedroom, bed, lounge, interior decor

Signatures "Malgrats Seven " villa is currently for sale - one lucky family will get to enjoy this lifestyle on Mallorca.