Creating Custom Furniture


In the past few years we have created, on more than one occasion, custom furniture for our interior design projects. There have been many reasons why we chose to go custom, but mainly because of the unlimited options and the logistic aspect. We live and work on a (small) island which can be quite challenging when trying to furnish a home within a tight deadline.

With the right artisans on the island we can create pieces that are just the right size, just the right finish and have just the right function for our clients. So far, we (and our clients alike) have been very happy with the result and we are looking forward to creating more custom furniture.

Here are a few of our favorite pieces we have built...

Custom Console

We are usually starting to create furniture when we have either a very small/narrow space or a very large one. We are also trying to keep our furniture original and not using pieces that you are likely to also find in other homes on the island. It was the case with this entrance area - and the board we have created. A hint : the wooden part is actually made out of a reconditioned railway beam.

Custom large coffee table

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This must be our favorite custom piece of furniture. We had been looking in vain for a table in this size, that would complement the height of the sofa and the color scheme chosen for this room. We were not happy with the idea of using two smaller coffee tables, so we have (with the help of three local artisans) created this. We are more than happy with the outcome !