Tiles. Tiles. Tiles.

While searching for materials for yet another renovation project for a client, we were pleased to discover Déchirer. Designed by Patricia Urquiola in 2008, the Dechirer line of tiles, produced by Ceramiche Mutina, is subtle beauty at its best. Hardly noticable unless the light hits it just right or you look closely, each texture is like a lovely surprise, begging to be touched. The large-scale ceramic pieces, whose name translates from French as “to shred,” have surfaces imprinted with snatches of different patterns. The resistance to wear and high traffic, even in areas designed for heavy usage, make Déchirer an interesting alternative to materials such as concrete when designing hospitality areas, in both public and residential environments.

Déchirer is available in five colours - white, black, grey, ecru and lead - and in two textures –decor and neutral, for both floors and walls, in Mallorca through Duran.