New Signature Estate project completed: a beautiful home in Mallorca

We love transforming empty houses !!

Mainly because, unlike a small redecoration or a re-styling, you can see tremendous improvement and huge differences. It is always rewarding to watch how a few empty rooms, with blank white walls and no color whatsoever, can be transformed within a few weeks in a welcoming home, colorful and cheerful.

For this project we have been working with one of the local agents, Imperial Propeties, who recommended our services to the owner. It is difficult, especially in today's market conditions, to sell an unfurnished property. It all starts with the photographs the agent is posting on the internet and goes all the way to the viewings with clients - an empty house is unlikely to make a strong impression on a visiting client. Many have difficulties in visualizing the space with furniture, they find it hard to imagine how much furniture can fit in every room and even more difficult it is to picture a certain lifestyle around the house, for themselves and their family.

But this is where we come in, work our "magic" (mainly a long row of deadlines, logistic issues, furniture orders, color coordination planning and many many more) and do our best to pleasantly surprise everybody. An agent whose work is definitely easier in selling the house and presenting it to clients, a seller who is more confident in finding a buyer and, hopefully, a lucky buyer who gets to enjoy in the future the house  and all that Mallorca is offering, be it as a holiday destination or a permanent residence.

We hope you like it !

You can find more information regarding the house and the asked sale price here.