Architecture under the sun: Casa Jondal in Ibiza

The Balearic Islands are the setting for some outstanding architecture and interior design projects. The intense blue of the Mediterranean Sea, the clear blue skies,  the pine forests,  the typical all-white Ibizan style  make Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza the hosts of an impressive collection of residences.

The Casa Jondal in Ibiza is one such surrealistic project. Developed by the Catalan architect Jaime Serra , of the Atlant Del Vent Arquitectura, the residence creates a contemporary ambient, sunbathed by the light of the Mediterranean. The large transparent spaces tend to capture and filtrate the light. There is an entire "catalogue of skies" throughout the year, from the long burning sunsets of summer to the caress of sun in the winter.

The structure of the design are simple cubes of concrete, painted in the "pure white" Balearic style. It is a home perfectly adapted to its environment and modern necessities. The 485 square meters Mediterranean style courtyard impresses by its decorations, cactuses, olive trees, orange trees and other exotic vegetation but the main attraction of the Casa Jondal is the swimming pool build along the main volume of the house.

Clean and pure spaces, originally comfortable and esthetically perfect !

Photography by James Silverman