The José Carreras International Yacht Race - fight against leukaemia


In 1987 José Carreras recovered from Leukaemia thanks to the extraordinary work of the team of professionals who took care of him in Barcelona and Seattle. Soon after his recovery, he felt that he had to find a way to give back to medical science all that he had been given. It was in trying to accomplish this objective that the José Carreras International Leukaemia Foundation was created on July 14, 1988. The Foundation was born with the aim of fighting against leukaemia in a variety of ways.

In cooperation with the German yacht-maker BAVARIA, the Spanish star tenor has started an international yacht race to help raising funds for his fight against leukemia.  The first edition of this regatta has ended yesterday, having started on the 28th of July.

The race ran from Palma de Mallorca to the Cabrera island and back. All classes of yachts were admitted to this charity regatta, summing up to about 12 participant ships.